My uncle s wedding

When Uncle was very young, Grammy would pawn him off on mom. Read it to my little cousin as its a kids book. The author included a little personalized note which was a special touch! I love that it shows that the make up of a family can be different but love is what is really important.

My cousin loved it and I also enjoyed it. Grammy has diabetes and is on the transplant list for a new kidney. It is the charming story of the preparations for, and the ceremony of, a marriage of two loving men, as seen through the young eyes of Andy, the nephew of one of the men getting married.

Mar 02, Juan Jose rated it it was amazing An excellent book for touching the topic of same-sex marriage in the classroom. We can relate because we just had the same type of wedding in our family. She started to hide money away and find ways to drop off the rent checks just so they can have a place to live for another month.

I think Uncle still carries some pain from growing up in an environment like that. She eventually got enough momey saved to move after she finished school.

Of course, this story is intended to do more that entertain, it also educates. It was incredibly difficult on mom. Oct 28, Elaine Plourde rated it really liked it I read the story to my Grand Daughter, and thought it was cute. I remember having to step around them when we visited.

My Uncle's Wedding

It subtly illustrates to impressionable minds that there is no difference between same-sex weddings and hetrosexual weddings, and there is joy to be shared by everyone involved.

Grammy would let the litter box get so bad, the cats would start pooping in the dinning room. Being gay myself I also really enjoyed this sweet telling of a wedding. Within the bare framework of this tale, beneath the surface of its colorful illustrations and simple phrases, lies a loving message of equality, a suggestion of acceptance.Eric is the author of My Uncle's Wedding, a children's book about same-sex marriage published in He currently lives with his husband, Mat, and their two cats in Emeryville, CA.

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My Uncle's Wedding is a book written by Eric Ross designed to explain same-sex marriage to children. Inspiration for the book was derived from the author's experience of planning his own same-sex marriage. There's so much to do now that Uncle Mike and Steve are getting married.

Follow Andy on this enjoyable journey as he talks about his uncle's wedding, how it affects him, and the things he gets to do in preparation for the ceremony/5.

Background: My Uncle, my mom's youngest brother, and I have not spoken in years until recently. He and his Fiance are getting married in a few.

My Uncle's Wedding by Eric Ross (Paperback, 2011)

Protagonist Andy is the narrator in My Uncle's Wedding, an eager nephew happy to be involved in all stages of his uncle's special is a simple story about love, commitment, and family that.

My Uncle's Wedding is a beautifully-written, wonderfully-illustrated book about a commonplace occurrence - a wedding - something that all families experience and enjoy.

The planning of the wedding and the wedding celebration are seen through the eyes of Andy, the nephew of one of the men getting married.

My uncle s wedding
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